The background researching for the "The Peacock Pearl" project

I was researching the different feelings for the background of the "The Peacock Pearl" project.
This one was my favorite feeling so far! ^_^ And I will get more drawings done in the future.

I have also made the drawing processing as a GIF image:
Thanks for watching! ^_^

Luka will have many of his animal friends in this forest. And then, one of the most important friends Ella will appear somewhere here...... 

Well... There is parchment in the deeper woods up against the canyon between two mountains. There are the words on the stone with the parchment written as:

The Lost Map of A Heaven

This is an old map

a beautiful map

I can hear it

Granny said there are many heavens above the sky

And they are all wonderful

I know this map is a map of somewhere there

but I don't know which one it is

But it must be a map of a heaven

I don't know which heaven it is

But it must be a map of a heaven

I can hear it

A Lost Map of A Heaven

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