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Luna's Diary(月亮手记 7en)

Working under stress, listening to the "Witcher 3" game soundtracks, remembers all sorts of lives, eyes got extremely hot, till not able to hold the pen... I started to understand how Geralt of Rivia feels in some way when he trying to behave in a "neutral" but forced to be on a side... there is no one right or wrong... then who's right? who's wrong?... I tempted to pick up my musical instrument to play, but not... I haven't touched my instrument for nearly 10 months. hopefully sometimes in the future... a dream can come true... without truly understand human beings, one can not "love human(?)" or "save the human world(?)". It was a long way to go but not endless luckily.

crying for humanity... hands aren't stopped, but the face started getting busy too...

(Mark it. 2020-10-20)


紧张地工作着,聆听着“巫师3”游戏的音乐,回想起各种各样的那些人生,眼睛变得越发灼热,直到无法握住笔……我开始理解 Geralt of Rivia 中立却永远被迫站到其中一方时的感受...的确是没有对与错...那么到底又是谁对的?谁错了?...此刻的我我很想拿起我的乐器弹奏出我的感受,但我没有下楼去取...其实我已十个月没碰过我的乐器了。我希望在未来的某个时候……梦想成真……如果不真正了解人类,一个人就不可能“爱人类(?)”或“拯救人类世界(?)” 这是一个很长的路,但幸运的是它并非无止无尽。


(记录之. 2020-10-20)

OK, So here is the book “Framed Ink Drawing and Composition for Visual Storytellers” my teacher Hannes said I should read this book word by word 6 years ago. I have just started.

OK, 这本叫做《Framed Ink Drawing and Composition for Visual Storytellers》的书,我的老师汉斯在6年前就曾让我好好的一字不落的读这本书。而我现在就开始读了。


Roughly 从2012年开始,我一直是个传统文化迷,我一直认为繁体汉字应作为艺术整体类目继续延用,简体字作为所有快速记录、笔记、Notes 等,简便易学轻松随记的文字工具。个人喜好了这么多年也没改变,就从此自己做自己的吧。最近心情低迷,工作环境和人世很多人和事让人明白一件事:大多数时候没有什么美好的工作环境和世界,如果你真的遇到了,好好珍惜!如果你也是那样的神佛,请创造出更多这样的美好世界和地方以接纳更多人吧!


美術の Knowledge  - Framed_Ink_Notes_Luna.txt

「Narrowing Down」

The first thing a reader sees of a book is its cover, which sums up at a glance what the book is about; the broadest, most general statement.

Then, the table of contents quickly tells the reader the subject matter the author will discuss in the book.

And finally the explanations, the details, the nuances, and the subtleties will give the reader a complete understanding of what the message of the writer is.








It is important to know as artists what we want and need to say, and how to prioritize and order the elements we will use, because they are what will help us get our message across. These factors inform our approach to drawing in general and for storytelling purposes.

So, first we need to be clear about the general level of intensity the image should convey given its purpose within the story as a whole. What type and level of emotion are driving the moment? Extreme happiness? Subdued sadness? Is it about explosive action?

Next there is the narrative detail, explaining what the specific action is about, the reason, and the anecdote within the mood. Do we feel sad because we are missing somebody? Or becausewe lost a winning lottery ticket?

Finally, the artistic execution and style glue everything together while supporting the story.

By following these steps we aim to deliver clear messages with our artwork, frame by frame, and in continuity with the story as a whole.









分享一下我设计的一张工作 E-Commerce 电商 UI 设计的活动海报,万圣节后开始给各大电商带来福音,针对好产品好宝贝定制对应的精彩商业 UI 视觉设计,当然若有朋友需要可在公众号留言提问或像我索要企业“微信号”。

PS: 我在本期学习分享下面,记录了我在创作构思这张海报时的设计思路,那么设计这张海报背景的思路是啥呢?


因为:这张图仍然太 Busy 了!


😉 谢谢欣赏 😉 下期再见 😋
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Luna's Diary 7 - 迟学了六年的美术基础理论 Framed Ink,学习手记七 - 月亮艺世界 Luna's Diary 7 - 迟学了六年的美术基础理论 Framed Ink,学习手记七 - 月亮艺世界 Reviewed by Luna Li on Saturday, October 31, 2020 Rating: 5

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