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The Middle MV Storyboard July-Aug 2023 Version Concept

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(project - Updated 09/08/2023)

Concept Storyboard (Draft) 

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Real human actor/actress acting the modern time (correspond the cursed and separated spirits came together after the "medieval" style of fantasy world)

Fox 3D Character Reference:

Animation Story 3D Character - Fox Actress WIP:

Album Music Lyrics & Storyboard Outline

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(project - Updated 09/08/2023)

Music Album Story Background Brainstorm:

Music (& MV) Theme:

  1. World, Rock, Pop
  2. MV Story Line - Time Travelling


  1. “True Love” Proposition - question traditional definition

  2. Numbers:

    • Eleven (11) songs for an Album.
    • Flexibility: between 7 to 11 songs.

  3. Song story breakdown (Interlude & Flashback):

    • Intro,
    • Flashback,
    • Mysteries,
    • Magic,
    • Story Begin,
    • Thousand Years Ago,
    • Sweet Moment,
    • Separating & Missing,
    • Battle & Tragedy,
    • Reunion,
    • Ending, etc.
    •       - (either happy or sad) - potentially giving a hopeful ending, a slice of brightside among the sadness!
            - “True love” can release the curse! (But what actually is “True love”?!)

  4. Everything my ideas for the music feelings:

    • Tenderness
    • Mysteries
    • Gorgeous
    • Dignified
    • Lightweight & Happy
    • In Love
    • Sweet & tenderness
    • Gentle & sexy
    • Shocked & sad
    • Fighting & strong
    • Exhausting & sad
    • Memories
    • Hope
    •       - Claim, love, understanding, supporting
            - “True love” is ......
            - But also the persistently love, support & understand each other human(s), and it needs a whole system turned around with & before “Glorious revolution”...

Background story example:

    • The bets between the 2 gods were gambled for 1000-years deadline ... The desert was cursed, full of monsters ...
    •       - 1,000 years bet for humanity
    • He used to be an assassin ... he's gonna save a fox fairy’s life and be saved by the fox later.
    • last mission was a trap - they wanna get rid of him ...
    • he saved the dying fox by accident, had a very special night, & then fox woke up left...
    • he encountered a cursed demon & losing the battle … while a fox saved him at the end ... fox back to a lady with the curse (doubled curse)...
    • she "died" ...

Storyboard Sketches (Updating):

How to compose characters in manga (漫画构图法则)

 Manga Character Composition Skills

什么是 Art Composition (构图)?构图即 COMPOSITION,为造型艺术的术语。把各部分组成,结合,配置并加以整理出一个艺术性较高的画面。艺术家为表现作品的主题意思和达到一定的审美效果,在一定的空间安排和处理人,物的关系 & 位置,把个别或局部的形象组成艺术的整体。

This is one of my Centred Composition -  designed in Feb, 2021.

构图是创作者在一定空间范围内,对自己要表现的形象进行组织安排,形成形象的部分与整体之间,形象空间之间的特定的结构 & 形式。简言之,构图是造型艺术的形式结构,包含全部造型因素与手段的总和。

在各种造型艺术中,构图称呼有所不同,例如绘画的“构图”,设计的“构成”,建筑的“法式” 与“布局”,摄影的“取景”,书法的“间架” 与“布白” 等均指构图Composition。

构图法 (Art Compositions)

1. 黄金分割法构图 (Golden Ratio Composition)

什么是黄金分割法?这是公元前六世纪古希腊数学家 “An ancient Ionian Greek philosopher Pythagoras (Πυθαγόρας)” 所发现,后来古希腊美学家 “Plato (Πλάτων)” 将此称为 “黄金分割法 (Golden Ratio)”。这其实是一个数字的比例关系,即把一条线分为两部分,此时长段与短段之比恰恰等于整条线与长段之比,其数值比为“1.618:1”,或“ 1:0.618”,也就是说长段的平方等于全长与短段的乘积。其中一部分对全部的比等于其余一部分对这一部分的比,常用“2:3”,“3:5”,“5:8” 等近似值的比例关系进行引导美术设计和摄影构图,这种比例也称为“黄金律。

It`s my Golden Ratio Drawing Skill Exercise - 15, Apr 2021.


以横 3:竖 2 的比例画出对角线,在对角线4更定点上面再画出垂直线,各交点连接出 ABCD 四个点,称为主角和配角配置构图法的动态对称。

比如说如果像此图将主要表现点放在 B 点上,次要表现点最好放在对角线 D 点的位置,可以达到自然跃入视线中两全其美的效果。

下面是两张比较学术的黄金分割法的几何图形 & 公式:

如果感兴趣,想更细致研究关于黄金定律,可以参考这个 Mathsisfun - Golden Ratio 网页

2. 三角形构图 (Triangle Composition)


It`s my Triangle Composition Drawing Skill Exercise - 15, Apr 2021.



(I will keep drawing and continue writing tomorrow……)

English Language Notes


1、名bai词(n.): 表示人、事物、地点或抽象概念的名称。如:boy, morning, bag, ball, class, orange.
2、代词(pron.): 主要用来代替名词。如:who, she, you, it .
3、形容词(adj..):表示人或事物的性质或特征。如:good, right, white, orange .
4、数词(num.): 表示数目或事物的顺序。如:one, two, three, first, second, third, fourth.
5、动词(v.): 表示动作或状态。如:am, is,are,have,see .
6、副词(adv.): 修饰动词、形容词或其他副词,说明时间、地点、程度等。如:now, very, here, often, quietly, slowly.

7、冠词(art..):用在名词前,帮助说明名词。如:a, an, the.
8、介词(prep.): 表示它后面的名词或代词与其他句子成分的关系。如in, on, from, above, behind.
9、连词(conj.): 用来连接词、短语或句子。如and, but, before .
10、感叹词(interj..)表示喜、怒、哀、乐等感情。如:oh, well, hi, hello. 

(Reproduced) Beauty Battle: Lipstick Sales Soar With Tencent Mobile Game Tie-In


Beauty games: M.A.C. lipstick collaboration with Tencent mobile game sells out in 24 hours

The mash-up was an overwhelming success. Consumers placed over 14,000 pre-orders across the three platforms, and all five lipstick styles sold out across all sales channels within 24 hours of the launch. Photo: M.A.C.

It’s a rare case of the mobile game meets cosmetics brand. And it proves that a partnership may not have to make sense to everyone if it generates sales.

Recently, the extremely popular Tencent mobile game “Honor of Kings” (Western version titled “Arena of Valor”) and high-end cosmetics brand M.A.C. released five co-branded limited-edition lipsticks that were available on Tmall, the M.A.C. website, and a WeChat mini-program.

The impetus for the collaboration was inspired by the players’ demand. In an interview with Chinese media LadyMax, M.A.C. China marketing director Weng Yanling shared that they noticed players frequently mentioned the brand name M.A.C. when creating lip colors for their virtual characters in the game. In addition, both M.A.C. and “Honor of Kings” share a similar age demographic — between 18 and 24 years old — and female players overtook males in May 2017 as the dominant gender for “Honor of Kings,” which has more than 200 million monthly players since it first launched in 2015 and became the world’s highest grossing game in 2018, according to app market research firm App Annie.

The partnership moved forward under the lead of M.A.C.’s China team which approached Tencent with the initiative. While most collaborations like this require the go-ahead from the brand headquarters, the local China team, in this case, was given the freedom and support to create a plan.

Photo: Honor of Kings/Weibo

To further boost social buzz surrounding the campaign, stars from the hit reality TV show “Produce 101” were recruited to appear in the campaign. Even though the product is lipstick, the goal of the campaign was to court both female and male consumers. And the brand was able to amplify the message by creating marketing campaigns with a list of social media products within the Tencent ecosystem, including WeChat Moments ads, QQ groups, WeChat H5 pages, and mini-programs.

The mash-up was an overwhelming success. Consumers placed over 14,000 pre-orders across the three platforms, and all five lipstick styles sold out across all sales channels within 24 hours of the launch.

This is not the first time lipstick with local cultural appeal went viral. Last year, a lipstick set from Beijing’s Palace Museum that showcased a Chinese aesthetic became a hot product. It appears companies are increasingly leveraging lipstick to resonate with Chinese consumers, who not only desire to carry a piece of makeup but also an identity in their pocket.



Challenge "Knights of Undrala" (Nov 2014)

Concept Art Teamwork
Challenge "Knights of Undrala"
 (Team members: Joel & Luna) 

3D Artwork before 2021 - History storage 3


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